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September Client of the Month: Elaine Diesbourg

By Justin Cross | In Client Profile | on September 25, 2014

Elaine is a beautiful example as to why more women need to start resistance training properly. Rather than looking ‘bulky’, she is living proof that resistance training creates a body that is strong and athletic but still feminine. It does not matter when you start resistance training, but rather your dedication to the process. Elaine has exceeded our wildest expectations and we are looking forward to setting and achieving even more lofty goals.

Copy and past this link to check out Elaine breaking a board in a dress no less!!! (she is also a 2nd-degree black belt…):


What made your decision to choose Cross Conditioning?

I was going to be doing an endurance test and wanted to be sure that I could make it through. I contacted a friend who was taking courses to become a personal trainer and she suggested her trainer, Justin Cross.

Did you have any hesitations or concerns about strength training?

Of course I did! I think all women are a little concerned that strength training = big manly muscles and I didn’t want that either. Let me assure you that I feel more confident and feminine now than prior to training.

What keeps you motivated to continue working with Cross Conditioning?

Honestly, I fell in love with the physical aspect and the results. And the laughter, lets not forget the laughter.

What advice would you give someone who is still unsure about strength training?

Before I started I believed that the only way I would achieve results would be to diet. I have done that in the past but with far less results. How would you like to be told that you need to eat more and that with strength training you will still lose inches. I know, I found it hard to believe, but I am living proof.

Looking forward, what goals have you set for the future?

I am going to keep training and keep trying new adventures!

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